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Traybakes’ Stockists

At Traybakes we have great relationships with outlets of every size. We work very hard to understand the different needs of each customer and ensure we deliver on our promises of – good customers service, a high quality product, all backed by many years of experience in world of confectionary creativity.

Wimbledon Waitrose Cranstons

Our customers love our range of traditional and modern cakes. With three production formats to choose from – Individually Wrapped Bars, Sharing Slices and Service Trays, there is something for everyone.

If you would like to become a stockist call us on 01768 899888 or email sales@traybakes.com

Small Quantities

We are often asked “I’m not a retailer but I must get hold of a Traybake, where can I buy one?” If you would like to get your teeth into one of our yummy Traybakes you can visit Amazon Grocery Store.